Compact cooling tower manufacturer Germany,England, Poland, France, Czech Republic, Italy

Cooling tower series MG. Manufacturer BROTEP

Cooling tower heat load 375 - 1050 kW

Flow rate 10 - 90 m³


The external cooling tower casing, which provides the enclosure and supporting all the various components, is made from the high strength, very durable and lightweight FRP materials.

FRP materials offer flexibility to fabricate aerodynamic profile such as the fan housing and tower body with high precision and yet offer very lightweight for ease of handling and ease of assembly. FRP construction is highly desirable also due to its superior resistance to weathering and corrosion since cooling towers are to be located outdoor and are directly subject to severe weathering and in constant contact with water.

The stainless steel fan chassis is used to provide the support of mechanical equipment and the entire tower body for rigidity and durability as well as to ensure long lasting life span.

The members are designed following major international codes and standards and the specific requirements concerning wind, earthquake and platform load. Filling support system is extremely durable and able to withstand loads up to 350 kg/m2. The cooling tower is supplied as a factory pre-assembled installation kit that is consists of 3 (three) sections:

water basin section

main section

fan and water distributing section

Sections should be installed one over another. This solution significantly reduces installation time and provides a fast start into operation.

Since the performance of the cooling tower is very much dependent on the effectiveness of the hot water distribution system, the complete internal piping system is provided within the cooling tower. A single inlet connection flange is provided for the cooling tower is located at the sidewall for direct connection with the overall cooling water system piping.

Hot circulation water return to the cooling tower via the main inlet header is redistributed through a series of smaller diameter lateral pipes and discharge onto the fill media below through the polypropylene downwards spray nozzles.

The spray nozzles are screwed-connected onto the lateral pipes with threaded connections and provided with sufficiently large openings to allow foreign solids to discharge through the nozzles without plugging.

Cellular drift eliminators provide the greatest effective surface area for maximum drift removal efficiency. Their cellular design allows great flexibility in trimming parts to the tightest fit and finish during installation, a key factor in overall drift emissions of a cooling tower.

High surface area provides maximum performance at minimum pressure drop.

Nests with adjacent modules to provide seamless drift removal by eliminating gaps between packs

Drift loss of 0.001% circulating water flow (Test Method CTI-HBIK Standard 140)

The OF21MA is for use in counterflow cooling towers (field-erected and package installations) in power, refining, chemical, steel, and food processing applications where water quality is average. OF21MA allows for high thermal performance, low-pressure drop, and reduces the potential for fouling in counterflow towers where the TSS is less than 100 ppm with good microbiological control. Features and benefits:

high thermal performance.

low-fouling potential.

bonded edge with dedicated bond points for added durability.

proprietary edge-cutting technology produces square packs that efficiently direct water to both sides of the sheet

surface area is 147,8 m2/m3

adhesive-free assembling technology

Trickle fill is used as a top layer for film fill safeguard in case of nozzles damage and enhanced film fill performance by providing better water distribution.

Film Fill OF-21MA

Trickle fill

Fan unit consists of an impeller, electrical motor and support chassis. The fan blades with aerodynamically developed shape are designed in order to ensure quiet operation. Fan impellers of Multi-Wing brand have the following features and benefits:

high-efficiency design..

low power consumption

low noise from twisted blade design.

available for both clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation.

a special heavy-duty die-cast aluminum hub for high temperature and high-stress applications

PAG Glass reinforced polyamide

high UV resistance

Motors rotation speed can be adjusted by a variable frequency drive. Only motors of well-known brands with environment protection IP55 or higher are used.

Support chassis is made of stainless steel. Special steel grid provides fan impeller protection and safe fan unit inspection.



Cellular type louvers are designed to improve airflow into the cooling tower, eliminate water splash-out which can cause icing problems and restrict the amount of sunlight into the cooling tower to reduce algae growth. Features and Benefits:

• Reduces noise leaving the tower through the louver modules by approximately three decibels.

• Achieves very low-pressure drop results.

Tower body - Hand lay-up FRP

Bots, nuts and washers - Stainless steel

Film fill support - Pultruded FRP

Fan assembly support - Stainless steel

Filling support - Pultruded FRP

Fan unit support - Stainless steel

Water distribution system - Main pipes – FRP, Secondary pipes – FRP

Nozzle - Polypropylene

Filling - PVC (film fill)

Drift eliminator - PVC (cellular)

Fan impeller Blades – Polyamide, Hub – Aluminum Alloy

Motor - Asynchronous 1000 rpm, direct drive

Louvers - PP packs

Louvers support - Stainless steel

Cold water basin - Hand lay-up FRP with water level control

References MG

Some references in Poland
Wieże chłodnicze producent BROTEP, Polska
wieża chłodnicza producent
wieża chłodnicza producent
Wieże chłodnicze producent BROTEP, Polska

References, BROTEP cooling tower Poland, Germany


Cooling tower MG 20 - 4 pcs.

Cooling tower MG-20 - 4 pcs

Flow rate - 72 m3/h

HWT - 40oC

CWT- 28oC


Heat load - 1000 kW

"Gryf" S.A. created in 1946 in Szczecin as a company specializing in processing cocoa beans.

Bio-Chem Sp. z o.o. (Photo)

Cooling tower MG 20 - 1 pc.

Cooling tower MG-20 - 1 pc

Flow rate - 80 m3/h

HWT - 45oC

CWT- 30oC


Heat load - 1400 kW

Bio-Chem Sp. z o.o. initially as a distributor of raw materials, and since 2010 as a producer, among others non-freezing fluids for heating and cooling installations

Przedsiebiorstwo Wielobranzone «TRANS-STAL»

Cooling tower MG 16 - 1 pc.

Cooling tower MG-16 -1 pc

Flow rate - 38 m3/h

HWT - 35oC

CWT - 25oC

WBT - 21oC

Heat load - 442 kW

Trans-Stal offers work in the field of design, construction and modernization of track systems

STELMET Sp. jawna

Cooling tower MG 12 - 1 pc.

Cooling tower MG-12 -1 pc

Flow rate - 11,5 m3/h

HWT - 55oC

CWT- 26oC


Heat load - 340 kW

Stelmet is a private production and service company operating in the galvanizing industry since 1990. The specialty is corrosion protection of steel and cast iron by hot dip galvanizing.

Reproplast Sp. z o.o. (Photo)

Cooling tower MG-12 - 1 pcs, MVG-44"WIND" - 1 szt. z systemem sterowania.

Cooling tower MVG-47 - 1 pc

Flow rate - 100 m3/h

HWT - 37oC

CWT - 27oC

WBT - 21oC

Heat load - 1165 kW

Cooling towers MG-12 -1 pc

Flow rate - 18 m3/h

HWT - 35oC

CWT- 25oC


Heat load - 210 kW

The Reproplast company was established in 2003 as a continuation of a civil partnership, which dates back to 1980. From the very beginning of its activity, it has been manufacturing high quality plastic regranulates, in particular polypropylene and elastomers:TPE, TPO, TPV, SEBS, SBS.


Cooling tower MG-12 - 1 pc.

Flow rate - 20 m3/h

HWT - 55oC

CWT- 35oC


Heat load - 450 kW

Marko-Kolor Sp. J.

Cooling tower MG 20 - 2 pc.

Flow rate - 75 m3/h

HWT - 35oC

CWT - 28oC

WBT - 22oC

Heat load - 600 kW

The subject of the Marko-Kolor Sp. J. is a service dyeing, printing and finishing of knitted and woven fabrics.


Cooling tower MG 16 - 1 pc.

Flow rate - 47 m3/h

HWT - 75oC

CWT - 40oC

WBT - 25oC

Heat load - 1915 kW

ATMAT Sp. z o.o.

Cooling tower MVG 47"WIND" - 1 pc.

Flow rate - 45 m3/h

HWT - 33,5oC

CWT - 23,5oC

WBT - 21oC

Heat load - 525 kW

Profilex Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością Sp.K.

Cooling tower 2MVG47"Wychor" - 1 pc.

Flow rate - 155 m3/h

HWT - 40oC

CWT - 25oC

WBT - 21oC

Heat load - 2700 kW


1 What are the basic parameters for choosing a cooling tower?

Flow rate

The temperature of the water at the inlet to the cooling tower

The water temperature at the out from the cooling tower

Wet bulb temperature

The quality of circulating water

2Time to receive the offer?
3 days.
3Delivery time - MG?
4-6 weeks
4What are the delivery conditions for the MG cooling tower?
DAP, DDP Incoterms 2010
5Cooling tower HS CODE
8419 89 10
6CE mark?
The MGs have a CE mark.
7Certifikate EUR1
We receive the EUR1 document before sending the cooling tower.
8Payment terms
Payment terms: 40% – prepayment with the Contract 60% – payment with Goods shipment Alternative terms of payment – letter of credit
9 Warranty MG cooling tower
All supplied parts, mechanical and electrical equipment are guaranteed against defects in design, materials, and workmanship for a period of 24 months from the date of initial operation or 30 months from the date of component shipment whichever occurs first.
10Data for transport and customs clearance


Customs clearance location:

Customs Agency xxxxxxx.

ul. Legionów 00, p.00

00-000 Warzawa


phone: 000-000-000

Delivery address

Importer data:

Name, address

No. EORI. PL000000000000000000

Nr vat. 000-000-00-00

Realizations of cooling towers MG, MVG, BVG.

Manufacturer BROTEP.

*Presented only part

Cooling tower series MG, MVG, BVG. Manufacturer BROTEP

Cooling tower heat load 375 - 11 600 kW

Flow rate 10 - 1000 m³

Cooling tower MG

Model Heat load kW Flow rate m³ Dimentions L.W.H. Motor power kW Fan diameter mm. Rotation frequency. Inlet height mm. Shipping weight kg. Operating weight kg.
Cooling tower MG 12 375 32 1250х1250х2800 1,5 800 1500 80 350 900
Cooling tower MG 16 700 60 1700х1700х3000 3,0 1000 1000 100 600 1350
Cooling tower MG 20 1050 90 2130х2130х3120 5.5 1250 1000 125 850 2200

ooling tower MVG

Model Heat load kW Flow rate m³ Dimentions L.W.H. Motor power kW Fan diameter mm. Water connector mm. Inlet height mm. Shipping weight kg. Operating weight kg.
Cooling tower MVG 44 1150 100 2400х2300х3550 5,5 1500 150 2720 1150 4330
Cooling tower MVG 47 1400 120 2700х2300х3550 7,5 1500 150 2720 1250 4890
Cooling tower 2MVG 44 2300 200 4800х2300х3550 5,5 x 2 1500 x 2 150 x 2 2720 2000 8360
Cooling tower 2MVG 47 2800 240 5400х2300х3550 7,5 x 2 1500 x 2 150 x 2 2720 2200 9480
Cooling tower 3MVG 44 3450 300 7200х2300х3550 5,5 x 3 1500 x 3 150 x 3 2720 2850 12030
Cooling tower 3MVG 47 4200 360 8100х2300х3550 7,5 x 3 1500 x 3 150 x 3 2720 3150 13660

Cooling tower BVG

Model Heat load kW Flow rate m³ Dimentions L.W.H. Motor power kW Fan diameter mm. Water connector mm. Inlet height mm. Shipping weight kg. Operating weight kg.
Cooling tower BVG 36 2900 250 3600х3600х4950 9 2400 150 x 2 3950 3500 11400
Cooling tower BVG 40 3500 300 4000х4000х4950 13 2400 150 x 2 3950 3850 13600
Cooling tower BVG 42 3850 330 4200х4200х4950 15 2400 150 x 2 3950 4000 14450
Cooling tower 2BVG 36 5800 500 7200х3600х3950 9 x 2 2400 150 x 4 3950 6750 22200
Cooling tower 2BVG 40 7000 600 8000х4000х4950 13 x 2 2400 150 x 4 3950 7250 26640
Cooling tower 2BVG 42 7700 660 8400х4200х4950 15 x 2 2400 150 x 4 3950 7800 29050
Cooling tower 3BVG 36 8750 750 10800х3600х4950 9 x 3 2400 150 x 6 3950 9850 32980
Cooling tower 3BVG 40 10500 900 12000х4000х4950 13 x 3 2400 150 x 6 3950 10500 39600
Cooling tower 3BVG 42 11600 1000 12600х4200х4950 15 x 3 2400 150 x 6 9850 11000 46640

    Flow rate 250 - 1000 m³
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    Flow rate 100 - 360 m³
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    Flow rate 10 - 90 m³
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Cooling tower manufacturer. BROTEP, Ukraine, calculations, price, types.

Cooling tower manufacturer BROTEP, a leading manufacturer of cooling towers in Ukraine, has the ability and desire to offer different types of coolers with an attractive price tag.

Cooling towers of BROTEP brand gained prominence among business owners of all industries in Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Belarus and Moldova. We believe our equipment will properly ensure your requirements as well.

We do not use marketing cliché trying emphasizing the uniqueness of our equipment. Fundamentally, it is not different from the products of other European manufacturers. Manufacturing of cooling towers does not require nanotechnology. Basically, it is a large box for efficient heat dissipation. The real “know-how” is the capability of infill – components and devices cooling tower is consisted of. To ensure customer confidence in the quality of our products, BROTEP uses only components from leading suppliers:

– filling by Brentwood Industries, GEA 2H Plast and etc.;
– fans by Multi-Wing, Ilmed and etc.;
– motors by ABB, Siemens and etc.

Nevertheless, the best components do not always guarantee both a proper thermal performance and an optimum value. Moreover, we can state that each project is unique on its own and requires an understanding of the technological process for the optimal cooling selection. That is the reason why BROTEP Company has become a corporate member of CTI organization (Cooling Technology Institute, Houston, USA) in 2006. CTI’s codes, technical papers, software support and participation in workshops allow us continuously improve knowledge of cooling process and to be on the cutting edge of technological improvements. Having own test benches makes possible the simulation of cooling process and implementation of test results into commercial products.

Gained knowledge and 29 year of experience allow to provide our Partners with the most advanced and cost-effective solutions. However, today Customers’ demands are continuously increasing. Therefore, manufacturing of high-quality and reliable product for a competitive price cannot be the key to success. More and more attention is paid to the service support of products.

Trying to meet today’s requirements, our company provides 3 years warranty for a cooling tower and 5 years warranty for a mechanical equipment of cooling towers. BROTEP has established relationships with Polish and Czech companies, which can make delivery, assembling, supervising and erection of cooling towers. BROTEP have experience in supplying cooling towers to European Union countries, including Lithuania, Estonia Bulgaria and Republic of Serbia.

Cooling towers is not a cheap equipment. Therefore, you should be confident the choice is right. Considering that better to see once than to hear many times, we invite you to visit our company and get to know the standards of our work. At BROTEP’s plant, you can check the quality of our products. A warm welcome, comfortable accommodation and great food are guaranteed.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our company. We hope you are open for cooperation.
Even if you have a regular supplier of cooling equipment, you should inquire us for alternative offer. Firstly, it will not cost you anything, and secondly, you can gain a financial advantage.

Best regards,
Michael Gryshuk
General Manager